Our Bespoke Environmental Product Declaration

The best way to quantify the embodied carbon of any construction product is to obtain an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). This is a third party verified life cycle analysis which quantifies the amount of carbon embodied in a product, and is inclusive of all direct (Category 1) and indirect (Categories 2 & 3) emissions.

In 2020, Techrete published our own, externally verified EPD covering our architectural precast cladding products constructed of reinforced concrete.

The concrete itself is produced from raw materials – white and grey cement, cement replacement, fine powders and coarse aggregates, admixtures, and pigments, when required. The reinforcement used in these products is produced from recycled steel, while all fixings are made from stainless steel to enhance the product’s durability.

According to the British Precast EPD, the industry average for architectural precast concrete cladding in the UK is the equivalent of 713 kgCO2 / m3 (107 kgCO2 / m2) and in the United States it is 732 kgCO2 / m3 (307.7 kgCO2 /tonne)

Our EPD confirms that the embodied carbon of our product is 575kgCO2 / m3 20% less than the industry average, despite the often complex scope of works associated with our panels.

The publication of our bespoke EPD marks an important milestone in our carbon reduction journey to be 50% less carbon intensive than the current standard panel by 2025 and net zero by 2030.

We are proud to publish the first company specific EPD for Architectural Precast Concrete Cladding.

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Download our EPD here