Precast Concrete Finish Types

Reconstructed Stone

Reconstructed Stone – recon. for short and also known as architectural or self-finished concrete, simulates the appearance and quality of natural stone. Because of its strength, three-dimensional adaptability and the quality of textures, reconstructed stone enables architects to create in a way not possible with any other material.

Techrete products are low-maintenance, fire-resistant, durable, energy efficient, benefit from good acoustic performance and are of the highest quality. Inspection takes place at each stage of manufacture in accordance with the independently certified quality system – ISO 9001.

Reconstructed stone is our most popular product as it simulates the appearance and quality of natural stone.

Reconstructed Stone Finish Types

Polished / Honed

Automated polishers ensure a smooth, uniform appearance. Polished surfaces shed water and dirt easily, requiring minimal maintenance.

Acid Etched

A light wash-down with dilute acid solution gives panel a lightly textured stone finish which resembles the appearance of limestone or sandstone.

Grit Blasted

To achieve this effect, air-driven grit is used to expose the aggregate abrasively and reveals a deeper texture.

Exposed / Retarded

Retarder prevents the mix at the surface from setting properly and the excess is washed off, exposing the top surface of the base aggregate.

Applied / Veneered Finishes

Traditional building materials such as natural stone, as well as brick, terracotta and ceramic tile, can be applied to precast concrete in a process known as veneering. The veneer material is incorporated during the casting phase and the resulting product benefits from all of the advantage of precasting, whilst maintaining the look and feel of traditional building materials and techniques.

Our veneered products offer all of the same advantages over traditional building materials as Techrete reconstructed stone and GRC products.

Some advantages unique to applied products include:
  • High accuracy moulds are created for the veneer, resulting in precision placing of the brick or tile finish
  • Applied materials weather well over time and there is a wide range of finish possibilities
  • Complex features such as arches, cornicing, layered banding, cill, and head detailing can be provided, avoiding the use of centres, site cutting, and fitting

Applied / Veneered Finish Types

Natural Stone

Natural stone precast cladding is an increasingly popular technique in which precast concrete acts as a carrier for a veneer of a wide range of natural stones, including granite, limestone, slate, sandstone, and marble.

Brick Faced

Brick-faced panels offer all the advantages of the natural materials and provide a great alternative to traditional construction methods. Windows can be incorporated into the panels at our factory and installed as one unit onsite.

Terracotta / Tile

Terracotta-faced precast cladding also offers many benefits over the traditional building methods. Reduction of on-site activities reduces costs, shortens construction periods, and cuts interim financing costs.