What is Offsite Construction?

Offsite construction is the planning, design, manufacturing or fabrication, delivery and erection of building components away from the construction site in a controlled factory environment. Over the past number of years, offsite construction has emerged as a ‘modern method of construction’ and a solution to many issues facing the construction industry such as labour shortages, time constraints, unpredictable weather conditions and more.

Becoming more prevalent all the time, offsite construction methods vary and include modular, hybrid, panelised and pod systems and together with BIM (Building Information Modelling), offsite methods have the potential to revolutionise the construction industry heading into the future.

Benefits of Offsite Construction

  • Lower environmental impact
  • Safer working conditions
  • Shorter construction times
  • Disruption to local business and residents is minimised
  • Better quality control
  • Greater economic value
  • Read more about the advantages of offsite construction and precast concrete here.

Offsite Insights Blog

This blog series aims to curate educational and interesting content from industry experts and academics on various subjects pertaining to the offsite industry.

IMPRESS H2020: Performance Innovation in Precast Concrete Sandwich Panels (Part 2)

Author: Prof. Roger West, School of Engineering, Trinity College, September 2022

In part two of the ‘Performance Innovation in Precast Concrete’ blog, Professor Roger West explores the composite structural action of the new, novel low carbon sandwich panels which were developed as part of the H2020 project. Read all about Professor West’s findings here.

IMPRESS H2020: Performance Innovation in Precast Concrete Sandwich Panels (Part 1)

Author: Dr. Oliver Kinnane, UCD School of Architecture, Planning & Environmental Policy, June, 2022

Two years ago, a range of experts embarked on a journey to create a lightweight precast concrete sandwich panel that would ‘offer a low embodied carbon solution for the thermal performance enhancement of existing buildings.’ The research resulted in high performance sandwich panels which could inform future generations of design.  Prof. Roger West and Dr. Oliver Kinnane outline their findings for Techrete here.

Facades with Distinction – The High Watermark of Architecture

Author: Opinion Piece by Guest Author, Paul Iddon ARB RIBA, April 2022

Guest author and Vice Chair of Manchester Society of Architects Paul Iddon, discusses the nobility and durability of concrete and draws parallels between some of the world’s most iconic buildings, from Rome’s Vitruvian Triad to concrete’s modern precast application on the facades of the iconic 2 St. Peter’s Square and V&A, Dundee.  Read more here.

The Future for Concrete in a Zero Emissions World

Author: Opinion Piece by Dr. Richard O’Hegarty BE MSc PhD, UCD Research Fellow & Techrete R&D Manager, March 2022

What is the future for concrete in a zero emissions world? In the first of our Offsite Insights blog series, UCD Research Fellow and Techrete R&D Manager, Dr. Richard O’Hegarty explores why concrete became so popular in the first place and the emerging solutions with the potential to shape the future of the material so fundamental to our everyday lives.  Read more here.