Concrete Solutions for Sustainable Developments

Techrete provides tailored concrete solutions to meet the unique demands of architectural precast concrete applications. Our product range addresses sustainability requirements, while also achieving high performance in our products.

We have aligned our initiatives and targets to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals which underpins the urgency and ambition of our strategy to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Environmental Advantages of our Product

The inherent properties of precast concrete make it a natural choice for achieving sustainability in modern construction. Our products have a high thermal mass which facilitate the absorption, storage and radiation of heat which is fundamental to sustainable construction for the future.

  • Precast panels are manufactured concurrently with site preparation, reducing construction times and the impact on the local community by over 50%
  • Panels benefit from manufacturing efficiencies, innovations, and design flexibility.
  • Offsite manufacturing allows work to be carried out in a controlled, comfortable, and safe environment where safety requirements are much easier met and policed.
  • A superior quality of factory fitted insulation ensures that greater sustainability is achieved, through reduced thermal loss
  • Techrete’s precast panels are 100% recyclable at end-of-life stage.
  • Materials can be stored in safer conditions in a factory than on site, thus greatly reducing risks of pollution.
  • Offsite construction generates up to 90% less waste*
  • Waste is easier to segregate off-site for recycling and collection, than on-site
  • In the case of large panels, crane time and number of lifts are optimised, thus reducing energy consumption.
  • Offsite manufacturing uses less water, even more so in the case of Techrete as we recycle approx. 25% of water used in our factory.
  • Greater accuracies can be achieved. Activities are carried out in safer working conditions, protected from the climate.
  • Reduced number of deliveries to site compared with on-site construction

*Source – WRAP – Waste & Resource Action Programme

We aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030 – here’s how: