Techrete have joined the EU-Funded ‘CIRRCON’ Project with the ‘Life’ Programme – Aiming to Transform Waste Products for Use as a Low Carbon Binder for Concrete.

Techrete are delighted to be involved with the CIRRCON Project in association with the LIFE programme. The research project has received funding from the European Union and the main objective is the production of circular (reinforced) concrete elements. This could potentially be achieved by transforming waste streams into a binder for concrete and avoiding primary material use, thus also reducing waste.

Techrete’s R&D Manager, Atteyeh S. Natanzi has emphasized the importance of this project both for the industry and Techrete and commented:

“We are enthusiastic about this innovative project as it has the potential to transform the way concrete is produced and used in the construction industry. The use of waste streams as a binding material, not only reduces waste but also decreases reliance on non-renewable resources, leading to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible construction industry. Furthermore, the production of circular concrete elements will tackle the critical issue of waste management, reducing its negative impact on the environment. The CIRRCON Project is a forward-thinking initiative with great potential for the construction industry’s future.”

Read more about the CIRRCON Project here.