St. Paul’s School

St. Pauls School, Lonsdale Road, Barnes, London SW13 9JT

St. Paul’s School Headline Facts:

164 reconstructed stone panels.

Contractor : Mace

Architect : Grant Associates

Victoria Gate

Victoria Gate, Vicar Lane, Leeds LS2 7AU

Victoria Gate Headline Facts:

573 reconstructed stone panels, covering 6,789 square meters.

Contractor : Sir Robert McAlpine

Architect : ACME

The Finer Details :

Victoria Gate is located in the heart of Leeds City Centre and was designed to incorporate a flagship John Lewis Store and internal shopping arcades. The architectural precast concrete cladding on this inspirational project, demonstrates how far the limits of precast concrete engineering can be pushed. Combining different acid etched and polished finishes within the various sections, a design with intricate geometry and a complex installation process, coupled with the utilisation of BIM 3D design tools, all demonstrates what can be achieved with precast facades.

The diagrid pattern was deconstructed by Techrete engineers to panelise a façade that would fit with precast manufacturing needs and yet not compromise the architectural intent. Overall, the architectural precast concrete cladding on the John Lewis store has created a unique and memorable identity and showcases just what can be achieved with such a versatile product and Techrete expertise.

Awards for this project include ‘British Precast Creativity in Concrete 2017’ and ‘Irish Concrete Society International Project of the Year 2017’

Northumbria Police HQ

Northumbria Police HQ, Middle Engine Lane, Wallsend, Tyne & Wear NE28 9NT

Northumbria Police HQ Headline Facts:

725 reconstructed stone panels, covering 8,300 square meters.

Contractor : Miller Construction

Architect : Ryder

Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Rd, London SE1 6HZ

Imperial War Museum Headline Facts:

280 GRC panels, covering 3,100 square meters.

Contractor : Lendlease

Architect : Foster & Partners

Abell & Clelland

Abell & Clelland, 32 John Islip St, Westminster, London SW1P 4DD

Abell & Clelland Headline Facts:

4,445 reconstructed stone panels, covering 26,071 square meters.

Contractor : Berkley Homes

Architect : EPR & DSDHA Architects

190 The Strand

190 The Strand, Temple, London WC2R 1DP

190 Strand Headline Facts:

313 natural stone faced panels, covering 4,500 square meters

Contractor : Berkley Homes

Architect : Grid Architects

3 Pancras Square (B6)

3 Pancras Square, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AG

3 Pancras Square Headline facts:

593 reconstructed stone panels covering 7,725 square meters.

Contractor : BAM

Architect : Porphyros Architects

The Finer Details:

Techrete were awarded the contract for the design, manufacture and installation of the pre-cast elements of number 3 Pancras Square. The building comprises of an architecturally complex precast concrete facade which attaches to a steel-work frame over 10 floors. The building blends effortlessly with the other projects in the Kings Cross area, complementing the other Techrete buildings surrounding it. Production began at our facility in January 2015, with the first panels arriving on-site in July 2015. The project completed in December of that year.

Herbert Park

Herbert Park, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Herbert Park Hotel Headline Facts:

525 GRC panels, covering 2,500 square meters.

Contractor : McSharry’s

Architect : O’Mahony Pike

Dundrum Town Centre

Dundrum Shopping Centre, Sandyford Road, Dublin 16

Dundrum Town Centre Headline Facts:

800 reconstructed stone, natural stone faced and terracotta faced panels, covering 8,000 square meters.

Contractor : John Sisk & Son

Architects : BKD Architects

Two St. Peter’s Square

Two St. Peter’s Square, Manchester M2 3NQ

Two St. Peter’s Square Headline Facts:

546 reconstructed stone panels, covering 7,210 square meters.

Contractor : Laing O’Rourke

Architect : Simpson Haugh

Award : ‘Highly Commended’ – Concrete Society Awards 2018.

Judges comments :

“Visual appearance was a key driver in a very sensitive historic area of the city. The building does not look out of place at all, despite the time differences in construction. The decorative façades are very special and could only be done in precast concrete or an army of stone masons. Materials are standard but the complexity and quality of the finish is exceptional. The difficulty in forming these complex and varied units should not be underestimated. They are true three-dimensional concrete sculptures used as office window façades.

External column cladding was complex, multiply curved and feels appropriate for the location. The complexity, level of overall detail and quality is excellent. The joints of the units were lined up to show geometrical symmetry from vertical face to horizontal soffit. The judges were very impressed by this project. The decorative façades are superb and it would not be surprising if this level of decorative façade became more popular.

The Finer Details:

2 St. Peters Square, is a truly distinguished building with its 12 floors rising majestically over the surrounding streetscape. The gable end faces onto Princess St and the building is adorned with delicate filigree tracery panels. Drawing inspiration from the Lancaster Rose which adorns the county flag and from the Cotton Bud fountain, the tracery panels were designed to incorporate these elements whilst drawing on further inspiration from the Town Hall extension stair turrets. The tracery panels are both decorative and functional and offer natural shading from the full height glazing which is situated behind them.

This choice of mix with a polished finish gives the building a timeless elegance appropriate to its prime location amongst such buildings of historical importance. The panels on the main façades embraced the ethos of off-site construction. The windows were installed at Techrete production facility and were delivered and installed as one complete unit . This resulted in a reduction in programme time and in the amount of trades required on site. This project won ‘Highly Commended’ at the Concrete Society Awards 2018.

One St. Peter’s Square

One St. peter’s Square, Manchester M2 3AE

One St. Peter’s Square Headline Facts :

584 reconstructed stone panels, covering 6,800 square meters

Contractor : Carillion PLC

Architect : Glenn Howells Architects